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I’ve gone more acoustic for this piece with bass and guitars courtesy of Jaz Arwand and the lovely, airy sound of Jess Spencer’s voice. The song is about empathy or lack thereof.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

very catchy stuff..

Rick Phillips said

Catchy tune and cool vocals!

Endicott Road said

I like the vocals on this, including some of the reverb and echo effects. Using an accoustic guitar for this was a good choice.

A Beautiful Scene said

This reminds me of the Cardigans in a very good way. A lot less poppy and quite dark which shows passion. Very good track!

AMUC said

The vocals here are impressive. They play off the bass and drums well..

Lil' mar mar said

stylin. real neat! cool vibe with lyrics.

Guest said


Circuit Tree said

whoah, this sounds just like the cardigans’ gran turismo

rob mills said

Top tune! Love the vocal interplay