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04- Without Good bye LOW QUALITY DEMO

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Guest said

c'est comme un voyage au coeur des Andes, les instruments choisis, la mélodie tout est en équilibre parfait.

AMUC's avatar
AMUC said

I confess I wasn't expecting this -- when you see an album cover, you have a preconceived idea how the music will sound based on it. This totally surprised me -- I love the strings here and the wind instrument being used.

Guest said

Retour à la Paz garantie avec ce son là !!!

Guest said

C'est tellement beau Tu as une inspiration divine qui fait voyager

Guest said

Oh HELLO 0.48 strings! Gorgeous, Richard!

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another cultural landslide said

Oh Richard - this is just BEAUTIFUL! w;-) xoxo

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kirklynch said

Oooh! Those string lines are just gorgeous!

Guest said

Oh yes, very Andes, Richard. I must say I'm enjoying your new ideas and instruments.