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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil



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There have been some discussions on the microtonal list about an isomorphic keyboard I have, the AXiS 49 (pictured above as I played it) and it reminded me I had not played it in a while. So I improvised 3 pieces on it in “selfless mode” recording directly in Pianoteq 3.6 using modified settings of a concert grand.

This piece is based on the Golden Ratio Phi. In this tuning I use the 12th root of Phi to generate 12 notes and it is played on the above keyboard which gives me the ability to play music that would be difficult on a regular keyboard.

The last piece, 15 Sandals I don’t think will interest the AT listeners so I will not be uploading it here. The determined can go here to listen and see the tuning details.