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17 Unsteady Hands

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Well, I feel almost human today. Been a rough few days with the flu or something. I’m running on a baked potato - seems I can’t each much else yet. It was ironic that I became sick just when I went to pick up a Boss Loop Station I found for half price, used but in great condition. It sat on my desk as my stomach churned. ugh~!!

Well, today I got to use it and I also made a video to go along with it since this is the ImprovFriday video event weekend. GAH!!! Wrong month! - its next month - I’ll blame the flu.

I used my 17 note per octave guitar - doubled as a bass by using my (original) whammy pedal and of course looped to infinity via the loop station. I throw in using the viola bow and steel slide to keep from being board.

Have a good day everyone.

full quality video (180 megs!) is here if you want:

Norm's avatar
Norm said

Nuthin' unsteady about those hands. Great work! And what WAS that stuck to the eave?

Guest said

Nice tone there, sounding good to me Chris and I hope you are feeling better.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Loving this sound wow!! and the video got me too. Hope your feeling better. What did you edit the video in?

Guest said

This video/improv event you mention. Where is this event located? This song isn't playing. The video is working. 100% great!

Guest said

Nice improve, microtonal you say>?