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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


17 Pink Tuxedos

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This is an experiment where I slowed down Norm Harris’ percussion track “7th Son” and slowed it down by a factor of five and ran it through effects and such – and then played along with my 17 note per octave guitar and several instances of synthesizer in 17 notes per octave. It is not so much a final result as a direction to explore.

Guest said

I love the! Kinda spooky this one! Very inventive!!

Guest said

Hey, looking cool there dude! Sounding good all round too! Rhythmically creepy!

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Norm said

I'm surprised the rhythm pattern holds up as well as it does being slowed down 5X - I like the reverb that you have added. Wild stuff!

Guest said


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thetworegs said

love the sound of the slowed percussion each beat seems to shake...sounds like musical devastation the twisted sounds in the silence after something major just earthquake or Tornado...with a man in a Pink Tuxedo running around crazed in the wreckage looking for his lost Bride.......