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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


Mother Dropped 11 Nuts w/ Norm

Uploaded .

Norm’s original 12/8 percussion track that forms the basis for the entire piece.

I’m involved in a microtonal music class. We are studying 11 edo instead of the normal 12 edo (equal division of the octave). Well, I got inspired to make my own instrument (pictured above). The story and more pictures are here

I added 5 tracks of my homemade DIY 11-edo stick. Each stick track was run through guitar rig 4. I left Norm’s track alone because it was perfect as is. It was a bit difficult to play fast on it since the strings are still pretty high up but I’m working on that.

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kirklynch said

Very cool!

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Norm said

It's great to hear some home made instrument action. I have several percussion instruments that I have made...

Guest said

Some very mischievous riffs in here!

Guest said

floppy arrangement on both ends, cool!

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Movement To Contact said

Wicked cool set up you built there! Diggin this track too!