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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


For Fish, Piano, Choir, Percussion, and Electronics

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The music is a repeat - but the video is new. Press “more”

Sister Savage had the original idea for the “holy haunted aquariums”

Guest said

Woah, did I? Go me! This is magical - tranquil and mystical with a sting in the tail.

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Newbold said

so nice, I am thinking cutting the segments even closer - together and then stretching it to about and hour plus :) ?

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Newbold said

oh I really like this so so much :)

Guest said

I love the way your music sounds like an extension of the water sounds.

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richardlaceves said

nice combination of sights and sounds, reminds me i did some music for aquarium once, i should look around and see if i can find it.. nicely done

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Gumbo said

I was just in the mood for shoals of Gregorian Monkfish and didn't even know it!

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thetworegs said

"Holy haunted aquariums Batman ..... he seems as dead as kipper" .........."Yes you could say he's been smoked"........... will yellow fish get his lady.......will the Red shark find someone to eat...will stripey find what he's looking for......... all these questions will be answered next week..... at the same time.. tune in... turn on.... drop out....