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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


Erdogan's Veil of Democracy

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In response to a suggestion of Dr. Ozan Yarman I tried a tuning he created for a different project. I realized the composition using Garritan Personal Orchestra Baroque organs, Garritan World sample set Oud and Santoor samples performed on an M-Audio 88es and recorded in Sonar X1.

The piece starts with solo Oud and then a section of organs and Santoor

tuning details

Guest said

Kinda unnerving!

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Dave Berry said

Very cool, I love this. Excellent playing.

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thetworegs said

Agree with John excellent

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johnosullivan said

No need Chris, I found the scale on your website. John.

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johnosullivan said

Wow, this is great. Chris, could you please email me the scale and the name of the scale. I want to know more. John.

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Lena & Irina Panfilova said

is so unusual to hear an instrument like this today,very interesting!And thank you for your comment :-)Lena & Irina

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Brian Bazeley said

Nice build up. Would make a good intro for a spy/thriller film.

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Norm said


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igor said


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thetworegs said

What an excellent sound brilliant

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A Bit More Better Productions said

powerful stuff