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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


I See The Void (oddmusic convergence)

Uploaded .

My performance on video (see “more”) at the odd music convergence with words by Evan Harrington and myself.

Details are available here:

The full quality 230 meg video is available here:

Good evening and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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Alister Flint said

ensnaring! and oddly, i "prefer" the audio-only version. not that the video harms it in anyway, really not, but i find the piece more intense, when only focusing on sounds.

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richardlaceves said

this is full pint listen,,, at times i feel like im in a sf flick and at others perhaps on the ocean floor... the music is cool in that it can make one feel on the scale of vast galaxies or on the micro scale of bacteria or atoms,, very interesting ,, as usual R

Guest said

great stuff. great video too.

Guest said

Wow, cool.

Guest said


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Norm said

I still think that the heart beating through your guitar is a most excellent effect!