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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


Funky Downwind Smell

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Not terribly odd except for how I did it with Fretless gutiar.

I recently bought a used Fender Squier for $60, pulled the frets with pliers, filled the cuts with plastic wood, sanded, and jammed. Took about 2 hours to make the guitar fretless and re-strung.

Pictures here

The following is all fretless guitar but for the drums recorded in Sonar 8.5

4 guitar lines through Alesis mix and run through Native Instruments Guitar Rig

2 rhythm, one octave divider bass and ebow driven lead and Session Drummer 3

I tried to play neutral 3rds and 7ths - more in the higher pitches than lower.

Guest said

hell ya! i like the groove and what you did with your Fretless Guitar...

Rick Phillips's avatar
Rick Phillips said

funkadelic! awesome!!

launched's avatar
launched said

Breathe in.... and hold! Very cool.

Norm's avatar
Norm said

You + a self-modified fretless guitar + a universe of microtonal possibilities = we’re never going to get you off of that thing! Brilliant! Bold move! I can’t wait to hear some more of this.

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Very cool stuff! Now I can't decide if I should have another go at the fretless or just give up and sell it!

Alister Flint's avatar
Alister Flint said

all it"s "missing" is the brass section eh! :p so you managed to microtune it with couple hours, nice job! - oh and is there any genre you're not versed into?

Guest said

You're right, funky is the word! Really clever, makes me smile.

Breaking Light's avatar
Breaking Light said

Who needs frets? Funky good!