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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


Talking to God

Uploaded .

There is a video for this below

Its all a bit cliche I know - but its what I wanted to do. All of the video footage was taken by me in an undisclosed location somewhere. This is a microtonal piano improvisation that uses Lucy tuning 0b6s meantone tuning and pianoteq + sonar 8.5

The full res version of this video is here :

Guest said

Very beautiful!

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kirklynch said

Very Beautiful! Interesting tuning as well

Guest said

Wow, very provocative, especially given the title. Great composition - beautifully played!

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richardlaceves said

Hi again,,, i hope you realize that i used simple as a complement,,,many of the best compositions (Bach aside) are based on extremely simple motifs, and then explored (Beethoven comes to mind) that piece was simple,, and at the same time beautiful and interesting (not always true of simple stuff) the gift is to be able to be simple and yet still be sublime, or interesting, or dramatic, or any number of cool things at the same time,,, you have that gift,, often and over and over i hear such cool stuff coming out of your music,,, for me being able to be simple and yet wonderful at the same time is about the highest achievement a musician can be,, ,, anyway i enjoy you music very much Richard

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Alister Flint said

this piece is just getting better and better, each time i listen - must have been quite an interesting talk you had with the big guy..

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Norm said

I've always found that talking to God involves much more listening then talking. And listening to this is a pleasure, as my ear matures to appreciate micro-tonal work. And, I suspect, you will miss the view from the undisclosed location.

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richardlaceves said

nice Chris,,, drifting quietly through a simple theme can be a lot of fun yes?? i enjoyed this (and simple is a complement, from my stand point, it's always what i try to aspire to) well done R

Guest said


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Lalo Oceja said

very beautiful