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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


Prelude for Piano

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Well, I should give some background. Sometimes, for me, the difference in tunings are hard to discern - I don’t have perfect or even good relative pitch discrimination. So I can get fooled. The Prelude for a Centaur tuned piano was actually composed in “normal” 12 equal tuning and when I discovered this I went back and made the necessary changes to accommodate the differences between 12 equal and Centaur tunings.

I’m taking down the Centaur version as I think most people will prefer this version here. If you want to hear the microtonal version go here:

Guest said

More sinister beautiful - wonderful playing!

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richardlaceves said

indeed i thought the 1st was very "wholesome", this is the same piece, note wise as the former? if not if seems very similar to me,,, i enjoy both,, this one might have a bit more bite? anyway well done