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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


Flute and Glockenspiel in 22 edo (GR-20)

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And another one I didn’t share from the same day. I must of been in a funk where it all sounded really bad. This improvisation concentrates more on melodic aspects of 22 edo though there are some harmonies.

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vaisvil said

Hello guest ( I'm just following my ears. I suspect my mind imposes more order on the chaos than just running wild - also I suspect it is not a strict "anything" like a MOS.

Guest said

If I had a 2^ n/22 keyboard handy I could learn a lot from reproducing the melodic phrases in this piece. Are you sticking to a particular mode here, maybe one of Erlich's decatonic 22 edo modes, or are you just canoodling around without a moment of symmetry?

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thetworegs said

and the fairies came out although it was not yet dusk"...........

Guest said

This is a very nice piece. Thanks for posting. Like the combination very much!

Guest said