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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


I Am

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I Am => a piano solo in John O’Sullivan’s Blue Temperament Tuning

Written with a good friend in mind who has gone to market.

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thetworegs said

just love this

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igor said

~good piano tune with blue temperament in mind~

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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate very well played. Very moving piece.

Guest said

Wow! just pure goodness!

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Roderick McTainsh said


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Minibar Madness said

This is just great, really enjoyed it

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epimeison said

What a beautiful piece...!

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Wildgeas Music said

Well performed. Soft and steady. I like it!

Guest said

tributes always speak volumes

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Reefwalker said

I love this one.

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richardlaceves said

very fine,, very well done,,,,poetry

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kirklynch said

Really Beautiful!

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thetworegs said

This is definitely a thing of beauty. What a lucky friend. I agree with Norm Burn it all and sit and play the piano

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Norm said

When I hear you play like this, there is a big part of me that believes this world would be a better place if you threw everything on the fire and sat at your piano all day. Your friends are very fortunate. Personally, I'm glad that I brought a basket large enough to hold this gem. Thanks.