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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


The Wrong Message

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please see linked video => A Harmonic Series composition, Reverend Terry Jones, radical Islam, radical Christianity, doing harm in the name of religion.

I took recordings of mandolin, guitar, and bass and processed them in Paul Extreme Stretch to isolate the harmonic series content starting with several very low fundamentals (lowest note A = ~27 Hz)

The opening of the piece sounded like a church organ to me which then led me to incorporate some current soundbytes, edited a touch.

Yes, it is a political statement. But one that intends no harm to others mental or otherwise.

A crayon may not be such a big deal - but intentionally harming your neighbor is. If no one stops first - it will never stop.

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Dave Berry said

Whoaaaaa, deep and cool tune. I got shivers all over listening to this. This one has the spook.

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kavin. said

When I was a lad we used to melt crayons to make multi-colored candles (it was the 60's), seems to me more constructive than outright burning crayons.

Guest said

Kav makes an excellent point. These folks are just attention whores and hypocrites. If a person or group of persons really wants to burn some books in their back yard or behind their churches then burn them quietly. If I organize a group of people to help me rake the yard and then we set the pile ablaze it's nobody else's business so long as we have things under control. Why advertise? But as we know history repeats itself ad nauseam. The churchy people admonish the likes of artists such as Marilyn Manson and they practice the same sh*t. At the very least don't be hypocritical.

Guest said

"Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one." -FRANK ZAPPA

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vaisvil said

A crayon may not be such a big deal - but intentionally harming your neighbor is. If no one stops first - it will never stop.

Guest said

I heard on the radio something about some guy in Florida wanting to burn a crayon, so what? Who cares if he burns a crayon and I do not think it sends a message at all. Crayons are just wax and some food color so who cares.But if he wanted to burn all the crayons everywhere I would say woo hold on now , how could I color this picture of me kicking mohammed's azz if you burn my crayon. But he just wants to burn one or two so no big deal.Anyways cool tune.

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Wildgeas Music said

Mr. Jones' congregation is about 30 people strong. I wonder who is financing this whole bonanza. Armed sermons? Now there's a church for me. Praise God and pass the bullets.

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kavin. said

Well done. I'm all for free speech, but I question motives of those who want to burn books, flags, etc. for any "cause". I think the burner's seek attention for themselves more often than not.