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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


Klingon Opera Overture

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This an improvisation in 17 notes per octave with layered software synthesizers. Specifically, various percussion ensembles, french horn, piano, and two synthesizers. At one point I forgot what in the world I was doing because I transposed the arpeggio synth down 12 notes when I meant it to be an octave - which would mean 17 notes of course.

I like how alien it sounds in places and that aspect I will follow up because that is truly the microtonal music I wish to compose.

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Lalo Oceja said

Hi Vaisvil! this is simply awesome!!

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Great stuff

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Newbold said

has the idea of a triad or circle of 9's possible here at 17 note octaves? (sorry about the difficult question but I don't have the direct control of 17 notes in equal temper right now.)

Guest said

Powerful stuff indeed.

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Movement To Contact said

Very intense, love the hits at 4:10ish....

Guest said

Uber dramatic! Thrilling, even!

Guest said

Wow u have managed to concur my thoughts and spin the set while i was concentrating on the off-timeline as it is, randomly synthesized/orchestral jungle....outstanding!!!!

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richardlaceves said

interesting,, very full sounding, great production,, as usual,,not sure why but does not really sound "alien" to me,, modern forsure, alien, perhaps im just not sure what that means,, i have almost an eastern feeling with this,,, anyhow well done

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Newbold said

are you mixing microtonal and macrotonals together? seems as if certain layers are tonal. like you are saying it might be better if the alien effects are continued.