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Microtonal Music

by vaisvil


Mars News at 17et

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This is a track from my retrospective album Heptadecaphilia.

Details, online play, PDF that has background on the music, images, and links to videos are to be found here:

Guest said

Like the use of the brass vpices - and that bassline is nothing short of superheroesque!

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Norm said

Well, I'm not Greek, but I think "Heptadecaphilia" means "to love 17". Quite an impressive collection of "17 equal tones per octave" songs (20!). If one wants to immerse themselves in an environment of tonality that is in stark contrast to the conventional "12 tones per octave" standard that has dominated human ears since the 17th century, this a great collection to explore. It takes a bit of courage to give microtonal music a shot - at times it sounds blasphemous and dizzyingly disorientating to me. Stretching the definition of the established custom probably always feels like that. The surprise is how quickly my ear adapts to it but it takes a bit of immersion for me to get to that point. Strong work, Chris. I philia it.

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thetworegs said


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Johnny Stone said

Great beat mate dig it. Thanks for listening and commenting. Cheers.