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Bill Saunders' Sad Story

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Throughout the whole zaniness that is 50/90, I have never written, recorded, and mixed a song in one day.

Until now.

This whole thing was done on Saturday 9/6/14. The vocals were recorded in the car while I was waiting to pick up one of the kids at the movies. Very rock and roll. Especially since it was 89 degrees Fahrenheit at the time. The word of the day is sweat.

Nothing much out of the norm here musically except I used a half chorus for the first time in hundreds of years. The lyrics are based on a ghost story I found online. Another in my folk tale series.

The guitars are all ES-335.

He finally comes home
He steps off the train
They have a new name
imagine the pain

And he lost his mind
To see them that way
And he haunts the hill
To this very day

Back in 1861
Bill Saunders went to war
Took a bullet it looked bad
His family believed him dead

His wife remarried
His kids had a new dad

He found them happy
He ran away

No on realized who he was
They just saw some crazy old man

They say his ghost still lives up there
On the mountain hidden away

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Merry Bear said

I'd suggest raising the vocal tracks by 3dbs, but otherwise, ROCK ON!