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Man in the Street

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Something tells me I’ll be mixing this one again soon.

The lyrics here are specifically about 9/11, but I guess it would apply to any major event. I was just listening to the accounts of people who were there at the time and comparing their point of view to mine watching from home.

Musically, the guitars are all Stratocaster. I wanted to have some sort of counter melody in here somewhere and I did it at the end, but now it seems too much. Maybe I’ll change my mind later. The point of the whole thing was just to have a slightly hyperactive verse (or as hyper as my crappy playing can get right now) and a rhythmically simpler chorus. I guess I got that at first, but then I used the Garageband drummer and the chorus got pretty busy too. I kinda like it though.

Oh well.

I wasn’t there
I couldn’t say
I can’t compare
to you that day

won’t even try
to comprehend
I just get by
and not pretend

Its hard enough
to find the sense
it must be tough
its so immense

you saw it all
a front row seat
witnessed the fall
man in the street

I watched it happen
on my tv screen
while you lived through it
caught in the machine

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Andrew Russe said

Nice one :-)