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Take Two

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Not sure about the mix for this one. My left ear hears much better than my right, and I do all of my work with headphones. Sometimes when I have two doubled tracks split left/right I end up having a hard time keeping them balanced. I over compensate one way or another and then I end up throwing all the other tracks out of whack as well. That might have happened here.

Overall I kinda like this one, but as with the last song I uploaded the cutting and pasting feels really choppy. Bad punches all around. The lyrics are about my 1997 decision to go back to college which, at least for a while, turned into a kind of career for me. The guitars are all Les Paul.

this time
things will change
this time
won’t be the same
This time
I’ll stake my claim
this time
i’ll play the game
this time
it won’t be lame

I see
which way to go
I see
I need to know
I see
to take it slow
I see
the highest row
I see
there’s no plateau

call it take two if you want to
it doesn’t matter to me
I’ll that I need is a breakthrough
I think that I found the key

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Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Well, balance of the gits feels pretty good to me (I am listening in my "mixing" headphones though!!). Cool playing :)

Burnfish's avatar
Burnfish said

nice gitarre riffs :D

Justin Otter Guy's avatar
Justin Otter Guy said

I have a manual called "The everything home digital recording book" and it suggest you should never use headphones to judge your mix down and mastering work, but whatever, I think you've done a wonderful, professional, masterful job with this number. It ROCKS! Rock on!