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Side By Side

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I thought going into 50/90 that I would need to do some quick recordings of really simple arrangements. Maybe just acoustic guitar and voice. Nope, not really.

This isn’t meant as filler. This idea is something I noodle on almost every time I pick up a guitar, but I have never tried working it into a song before.

The guitars are all Stratocaster.

Is there something I can do
to help you get through
Is there something that you need
that you can get from me

I just want to help you out
let me know what it’s about
I just want to make it right
to let in some light

Let me take your hand
Let me be your guide
make me understand
we are side by side

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Dig the mellow mood....Reminds me of Todd Rundgren...

Robert James's avatar
Robert James said

The acoustic bass sound comes from GarageBand. I haven't been using it much lately, but every once in a while I feel the need.

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Love it. How did you get the bass sound? Please don't tell me you actually have an acoustic double-bass... (not allowed one here!!)