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Side By Side

I thought going into 50/90 that I would need to do some quick recordings of really simple arrangements. Maybe just acoustic guitar and voice. Nope, not really.

This isn’t meant as filler. This idea is something I noodle on almost every time I pick up a guitar, but I have never tried working it into a song before.

The guitars are all Stratocaster.

Is there something I can do
to help you get through
Is there something that you need
that you can get from me

I just want to help you out
let me know what it’s about
I just want to make it right
to let in some light

Let me take your hand
Let me be your guide
make me understand
we are side by side

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JamesRaimondi's avatar
JamesRaimondi said

Dig the mellow mood….Reminds me of Todd Rundgren…

Robert James's avatar
Robert James said

The acoustic bass sound comes from GarageBand. I haven’t been using it much lately, but every once in a while I feel the need.

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Love it. How did you get the bass sound? Please don’t tell me you actually have an acoustic double-bass… (not allowed one here!!)