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How Do We Handle This

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This is the 47th 50/90 song posted, but it was the 49th idea. I figured one last head banger before I was done. The lyrics are supposed to be political without really trying to pick a side. Eh.

The guitars are all ES-335

how do we handle this
what should we do
we just cannot dismiss
something this cruel

just when we thought that we
were out for a fact
this is all down to us
how should we act

this is our fault
this is our mess
well what did we expect

the door left open
as we got away
do we go back to stay

such heartless cruelty
in the name of god
is nothing but a fraud

do we assist them
or let them deal with it
how much do we commit

do we protect them
and sacrifice our own
inside their combat zone

we do this
to them
again and

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Nightmoth said

Dig the lyrics and chord progression and wah-wah -- Rock on!

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Andrew Russe said

Rocking :)