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This one is a little sloppy. There’s a bum note in one of the guitars in the chorus that got copied and pasted a whole bunch of times. I don’t have time to go back and fix it though.

Lyrically, I haven’t mined the endless source of inspiration that is since May, but I couldn’t stay away any longer.

The guitars are all ES 335.

Detective please
Bring my phone to me
It’s not evidence
I’m sure you can see

It’s a crime scene
But my records clean
Won’t you hear my plea
Bring my phone to me

So I left it there
Sitting on the bed
Doesn’t mean a thing
It just slipped my head

It’s coincidence
I’m not guilty see
It’s not evidence
Give it back to me

That’s what you get
For losing your head
Your finger prints
And all your friends

Nightmoth's avatar
Nightmoth said

Good lyrics, good vocals, good music. Rock on!

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Justin Otter Guy said

Sloppy, huh? Whatever, I dig this number. Rock on!