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How Deep it Runs

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Another song about depression that was sort of inspired by Robin Williams’ suicide. It’s getting harder and harder to write lyrics for 50/90, but somehow I managed to write a whole bunch today. Topics were repeated. Melodies were repeated as well. It’s okay because music had already been repeated. No one said this 50/90 thing was going to result in 50 “original” original songs, am I right?

This is different from most of the rest of the project in that it did not originate on the iPad. This one is all GarageBand for Mac, hence the 7/8 time. Oh, and as a coincidence it is 78 beats per minute. Weird, eh?

The guitars are all Stratocaster.

Do you understand
It’s not what’s on the surface
Can’t you comprehend
How deep it runs
there’s no easy fix
there is no quick solution
its a part of you
its who you are

See the world
Through his eyes
try the pain
for a while

Its so hard
to carry on
Its so hard
to not give up

Give them all some sympathy
Give them all a chance to breath
don’t you judge don’t criticize
Until you look out through their eyes