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Let's Hear it for Good Days

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On Facebook, my sister in law (a middle school teacher) told us that my niece said the second day of kindergarten was even better than the first. My sister (an elementary school teacher) said something along the lines of yippee for good days at school.

And a song was born.

Not sure what happened with the guitars. It sounds like I had my wah wah pedal plugged in, switched on, and closed. There’s another song that I recorded on the same night that is even toppier. Oh well. Time’s a wasting on 50/90 and I can’t go back and fix my stupid.

The guitars are all ES-335.

Let’s hear it for good days
For finding some new ways
Let’s hear it for good days

It could always be worse
you could suffer some curse
be glad it’s all right

Seems like it’s all gone wrong
but it was right all along
hang in there a while

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