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I love playing in 7/8 time, don’t you?

There was a day late in August when I simply decided that everything I was going to work on would be in 7/8 time. I ended up with three songs. This is the first of them. I was also considering overdoing the wah-wah on all three as well, but I ended up sticking it onto the rhythm guitar here and the lead of another.

The lyrics didn’t start out being about my job, but thats what eventually happened. Some of the lyrics are super pretentious when seen in that light, but those were the pre-work-idea lyrics. Not that they’re still not really pretentious.

The guitars are all Les Paul.

get to the bottom
find where it goes
get to the heart
and find the soul

its just a problem
you’ll figure it out
there is a solution
I don’t have a doubt

the fix is there somewhere
It’s buried inside
you just have to dig down
and find where it hides

there are always questions
of how to proceed
so stick to the process
and you will succeed

I can’t see
how to go
what’s the cause
I don’t know

take a shot
take a look
find the hook