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I kinda like this one, although the cutting and pasting sounds really obvious to my ears. I usually try and get my punches cleaner than this, but I seemed to be slacking on this day. The lyrics are part of my current atheist bent. The guitars are all Stratocaster.

believe what you want
believe what you want
I’ll just do my thing

follow who you want
follow who you want
just don’t bother me

come to me
he said knowingly
follow me
he said sheepishly

belive in me
he said hungrily
worship me
he said viscously

Open my eyes
see what’s there
don’t be blinded by the glare

no disguises
no tricks of light
nothing hidden in the air

There is wonder everywhere
There is magic all around
You don’t need a miracle
to see what’s to be found

all a game
what is factual
what’s the claim

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

More very tasty guitars... I can't hear anything that sounds like a dirty punch to me, though :)

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Justin Otter Guy said

Your punches aren't obvious to me. What you're doing works for my layman's ears. Great topic, expertly delivered.