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Enjoy What You've Got

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I wanted something slow and dirgish (is that a word?) and twangie. I sorta got that, not really. This is another one that I got weird with the time signature setting in GarageBand for iPad and then the drummer function on GarageBand for Mac had no idea what to do with it. I kept the iPad drums but changed the sound.

The lyrics are inspired by my step kids’ first day of school today. The youngest started middle school. It was just yesterday that he was four years old and his mom introduced us. Time flies, eh?

The guitars are all ES-335.

Time flies
everything changes
everything is gone

wake to a new world
all right
what can you do

Life moves on
Like it or not
past is gone
enjoy what you’ve got

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Justin Otter Guy said

Solid, hardcore truth in those lyrics, and the music and vocals are quite fitting of the topic. Good job.