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Another simple arrangement that uses dynamics to differentiate between verse/chorus/ect. I really like that gimmick, but I have to force myself not to do it, or I’d do it 100% of the time.

The lyrics are about depression and were written the day after Robin Williams committed suicide.

The guitars are all Strat.

you never know who
you never know why
it’s lurking all everywhere
its hidden in their stare

its hard to understand
what makes them like this
you just can’t comprehend
so easy to dismiss

It’s a killer
No remorse

it festers in side
it never goes away
its so hard to hide
can’t get through the day

its hard to understand
what makes us like this
I just can’t comprehend
can no longer dismiss

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Gene Eric Mann said

He was a genius. He was a miracle. He was a good man. But despite that he was wealthy and loved by millions, he was in pain. But though his pain is over, we have lost a giant, so this is a giant lost. Digging the music and the vocals and lyrics. Good stuff, great job, Rock on!