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The music here is my first time messing with the Line 6 Pod app for iPad. I’m pleased with it over all (that sah-weeeet Strat neck pick up) but I question why it lacks any form of overdrive pedal. What the hell? Is it an in-app purchase or something like that? Oh well.

The lyrics are in response to a 50/90 forum post that questioned whether or not participants were truly trying to challenge themselves, or were they just sitting in their comfort zones. My response is, I could be pushing my limits like crazy but you may not recognize it. Take singing for example. I can’t work up the courage to sing in front of my own family members (I can only record vocals when no one is home), how easy do you think it is to share these crappy demos, complete with my self-cringe-worthy vocals, for other people to actually listen to? That alone is a huge push against my personal artistic wall.

Not to mention the fact that this one is mostly in a major key. It makes me want to hide under my bed until the song is over.

As for guitars, this is all strat.

who are you to question
what I have to say
who are you to wonder
if I work the right way

who are you to tell us
that we don’t bare our soul
who are you to announce
that we don’t lose control

There is more to me
than you could ever see
I will write what I will
and I will share the thrill

I will bleed
doesn’t mean you’ll see
I may bleed
only makes sense to me

pushing through the walls
you won’t see them fall