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I Don't Care

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I’ve had a very productive three day weekend kicking off 50/90. I have nine songs at various stages of completion. Now the question is, how badly do they suck?

I have pretty much fallen in love with the sound of my Strat’s neck pickup. Clean, dirty, it doesn’t matter. I am really digging it. This song is all Strat.

The lyrics were written very quickly (as always) and they touch on one of my favorite lyrical topics… how I feel like a fraud, professionally speaking. I think it’s possible that everyone in the tech industry feels that way at least part of the time, but it’s pretty stressful.

Simple as it sounds
It’s more than Lost and found

I feel like a fraud
As everyone applauds

I look like a fool
But what else can I do

Never get it right
Never see the light
Never make the grade
Never be the same

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Guest said

Yeah it sound warm and smooth. Bethan