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Labor Day Weekend in Boston

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Boston, Massachusetts is not just a college town. It’s THE college town. I mean it. Seriously. There is a major university in just about every neighborhood, and there are institutions of higher learning on nearly every street corner. Add Cambridge across the river into the mix and you gain Harvard University and MIT and…well… there are a ton of college students in town.

Most of those college students go home for the summer. Then when September comes around, specifically Labor Day weekend, they all come back at once. The population of the city increases by some gigantic percentage, and they are all driving moving trucks, double parking, clogging up every road in site. Getting around the city in early September is virtually impossible.

So I wrote a little song about it.

The music was an after thought. I had just finished recording guitars for a few other songs and before packing up for the day I decided to put down the first idea that came to me. This song was born.

The guitars are all Les Paul and they all use the Line 6 Pod iPad app for amplifiers.


Annual occurrence
the crushing of the world
cram a half a million in

Here they come
right on queue
Labor day
smashing through

You can’t run
you can’t hide
duck and cover
stay inside

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Gene Eric Mann said

JAMMIN'! You sooo ROCK! Great job -- Rock on!