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Young and Stupid

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The music was written in a hotel room in Niagara Falls, Ontario. When I first recorded the rhythm guitars it hit me how 80’s corporate rock this was. It sounded like Journey and that pissed me off. When it came time to write the lyrics that was the original concept: This song sounds like Journey and it sucks. That quickly turned into a flashback to when I was in high school and how much I hated hair bands and corporate crap rock. Then it morphed into sort of being about being a teenager and knowing absolutely everything about everything and not giving a shit about anything or anyone.

Yeah, deep… right? (no, not at all).

The guitars are all ES-335. It’s possible the mix might be utter garbage, but I’m so tired right now I can’t tell.

Do you remember
when the choice seemed real
There was nothing better
then making our own deal

Those were the days
we knew everything
we knew the ways
of becoming king

We were alive
we had open minds
we could decide
what we wanted to find

we had the power
but we didn’t care
we had the options
but we didn’t care

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Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Sold rocking arrangement, as usual!

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Justin Otter Guy said

I sure dig the way you handle the six string!