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No Dice

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I liked this one a lot more before I mixed it…

I don’t know what the lyrics are about. All I know is that my Strat’s neck pickup is sah-weeet.

The rhythm guitar is the Strat. The lead at the beginning is the Les Paul. The lead at the end is the Strat. The solo section in the middle is the Strat for the first half and then the Les Paul for the second half.

Like anyone cares, am I right?

You might feel like your in control
It might seem like you’re on a roll
It might appear like your getting your way
But someone else gets the final say

You think the story has a happy end
But there’s a twist coming round the bend
You think the Heroes gonna win today
Just know this villain always gets away

No dice no chance
You cannot win
No way no how
The end begins

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Sister Savage said

Great as usual - and loved the percussive flourishes.