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Family Vacation

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Nothing special about this one. The riff is kinda cheesy, and the lyrics are a lot cheesy. It has a pre-chorus section which is unusual for me. That’s about the only thing that’s interesting at all. The mix might be awful, but I was 99% asleep as I was working on it. The guitars are all Les Paul.

are you ready
are you set
well let’s go then

get the bags packed
load the car
hit the road then

I’ve got the map
I’ve got the compass
we’re good on gas
we’re good to go

months of planning
lead to this
family vacation
we’ve been dismissed

on a road trip
going rouge
where we’re heading
no one knows

are we there yet
don’t get upset

its been so long
keep driving on

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H R Music's avatar
H R Music said

Enjoyed this a lot.

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Andrew Russe said

Nothing wrong with kinda cheesy! Cool playing.