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Sappy Love Song

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This is the 45th song posted for 50/90, but it is really the 50th song to be worked on. Somehow it seems fitting to close off the festivities with a sappy love song that swings a bit.

Of all the crap I’ve written this summer, this is the first to have a 3-part harmony, and it’s only for eight bars.

The guitars are all ES-335.

i have always wanted
something that feels like this
it has finally happened
and we sealed it with a kiss

took me by surprise
best way it could be
good to be alive
I think you’ll agree

might sound sappy but
happens it is true
never happier
since I first met you

you’re my destiny
it’s so easy to see
you and I agree
you belong with me

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Andrew Russe said

Those eight bars are pretty damn good! And I'm loving the 335.