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Blind Eye

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This one came together really fast. I had spent most of my Sunday forcing two other songs out of my head and I was tired and not feeling all that pleased with the day’s work. I figured I’d give it one more shot and went to my binkie. My security blanket. My happy place… Emin7. Next thing you know…

This is probably the closest I’ll ever come to writing a Police song. No disrespect to The Police by comparing my suck to their greatness… but you know what I mean.

The lyrics are about meeting my wife. I had convinced myself that love was never going to happen for me. Then… BLAM! There she is!

The guitars are all Les Paul.

when it happens don’t you turn a blind eye
when it comes around don’t be staring at the sky
pay attention to what’s happening right now
what you’re waiting for is standing right here

you’ve been waiting
all these years
you’ve been crying
all these tears

that’s all over now

she’s been hiding
in plain site
she’s been waiting
in the light

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Sister Savage said

Ooh cute little boom tish at the end. :)

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Sister Savage said

Funky jazzy goodness.