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Designated for Assignment (A.J. Pierzynski's Blues)

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A halfhearted attempt at being schmaltzy. If I had really gone all in the chorus would have been Fmaj7 - Emin7 instead of Fmaj7 - Cmaj7.

All of the guitars are my Les Paul.

The lyrics were written shortly after learning that the Boston Red Sox had cut A.J. Pierzynski. I can only imagine how badly it must suck to be an aging athlete. You haven’t lost it all yet, but the writing is definitely on the wall and the end is definitely in sight.

it might be gone forever
no matter what you say
it might be for the better
at least for today

might be a new location
will do a world of good
So you were wrong to come here
you misunderstood

cast aside
thrown away
hurts so bad when its put that way
full release
there’s the door
like some kind of aging cliche

and useless
broken dreams are on full display
broken down
left behind
your whole life was just packed away