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Tens of Millions Lost

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The music was written in a hotel room in Montreal (I think) and the lyrics are about how stupid the Market Basket situation got in New England (ironically, as I was recording the last vocal line a friend sent me a link to a stream of Artie T’s speech to the employees thanking them for their loyalty. You kinda have to live in Massachusetts or New Hampshire to know what I’m talking about)

The guitars are all ES-335.

I can’t believe it took so long
I can’t believe they let it go so wrong
What were they thinking?
Just get it done

That’s how you do it
That’s how it’s done
flush it away
that’s how it’s done

Buried and ruined
seek and destroy
mangled and broken
seek and destroy

twisted and shattered
tens of millions lost
all for nothing
tens of millions lost

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Justin Otter Guy said

I actually followed the Market Basket story, for some reason (I'm living in Georgia). Interesting choice to jam about. You drove the point home. In the end, with the fired CEO buying the company, and all that protesting a waste of time when the rich guy handled it himself... what a laugh. Anyway, good music -- Rock on!