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Protect and Serve

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Not quite sure what I was going for musically with this one. It was just a couple of off the top of the head ideas. Not a lot of thought or planning. The lyrics are an Florida Man story about a guy who called 9-1-1 to ask for a ride to the liquor store.

The rhythm guitar is my Les Paul, and the lead is my ES-335.

man, I need a drink
but my cupboard is bare
need to hit the store now
but who can get me there

protect and serve
that’s what they say
I’m in need of service now
I need a ride today

hey 911
send some help to me
I haven’t had a drink all day
can’t you help me please

I could use a ride right now
gotta get me a drink
911 can’t you send some one
tell me what do you think

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Andrew Russe said

Fine guitaring. Do you reckon they'll deliver take-away as well?!

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Justin Otter Guy said

Great guitar work.