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Fawmers Blues

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This one was forced. I had just finished recording guitars on another couple of songs and made myself come up with something new. I wasn’t very into it at all, but now that it’s finished it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

The lyrics are a songwriting challenge cliche for me. It’s a songwriting challenge song about working through a songwriting challenge. Shameful I know, but there’s a song called RPM Blues in my past. It seemed time for a FAWM-50/90 song as well.

The rhythm guitar is my Les Paul. The lead is my ES-335

A shock to the system
A twist in the tail
The challenge is fearsome
And to no avail

That time of year
When we buckle down
It’s all sort of pointless
Though we never frown

But we keep it moving
What else can we do
We all keep on trying
What else can we do

Why do we do this
There isn’t a point
We go through the torture
And still disappoint