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Up to Me

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This song represents the place where things got alarmingly repetitive for my 50/90 project. In another day or two I’ll be posting a song that is musically very similar to this one. As I worked this one out, I had no memory of the previous attempt. They are different enough that I am going to count them both, but they are still pretty similar. Oh well.

The guitars are all Les Paul.

take a look around you
tell me what you see
are you standing where you
always thought you’d be
did your hopes and wishes
ever come to pass
did you win the game or
did you come in last

its up to me
to make the most of things
its up to me
whatever the future brings

everything is moving
everywhere you look
everything in motion
never ending book
give yourself a chance to
figure something out
take the time to learn
what it’s all about