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One of my oldest and more pitiful recordings, this Political Folk tune is a part of my “Legends of Summer” demo CD.

(Oh Say!) CAN YOU SEE?

Oh say! Can you see why they say we are free?
Can’t stop acid rain, else we must be insane
I would drink toxic waste no more
I don’t care what they make it for

It must be a lie! Why would we want to die?
‘Less we just don’t care what we breath from the air
I would eat pesticides no more
I don’t care whom they spray it for

Where is this land of the free?
Where the children can find hope?
For everywhere I can see
World, I can’t see how we cope

Oh see! What you say, looking the other way?
When you turn your head, you can sleep in your bed
When you’re gone, trampled on the floor
No one left to take on your war

I am a drop of acid rain
Took out a tree on my way down
Before I made the city drain
Destroyed a flower on the ground

I am the tear of hungry eyes
Staining the cheeks of some young child
I wet her lips each night she cries
Just like the night she was defiled

Guest said

What an awesome song! Such truism...chilling! Thank You, Gene!