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Many years ago I read the Herman Hesse book Siddhartha. It tells the story of a family man who meets his dream girl and he leaves it all to be with her. She is what he lives for. Then she leave him and he finishes his life sitting beside the river watching it all pass by. I read that years before I met Peggy, but it shook me in some personal way. Something ominous about it. Then Peggy comes along and the memory of that story sent a chill up my spine. I wanted that part of the story to be true but it all came with the forecast of being abandoned. And, sure enough. After 28 years she left and here I am with the river ( actually a shitty polluted creek out the kitchen window). I will tighten it up but it’s very satisfying to finally get that out of my body into a song.


I read a book a long long time ago
Why it frightened me, I didn’t know
But there it was. There I was
How did I know?

A simple story. A man and his lover.
Made me quiver. Run for cover.
Beautiful lady in my future…Woooo

I read a book.
I can’t go back.
But there it was. There I was.
How did it know?

Beautiful lady gone from the river.
Makes me quiver. Try to forgive
She was the lady that stole my future…Wooo

I read a book. Why it frightened me I didn’t know
But there it was. There I was.
How did I know? Why did I know?
Now I just sit here and stare at the river
Shake and shiver forever without her
She was a taker. She was a giver…Woooo

© 2013 Royal T Music

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Is this a new version? I'm sure I've already commented on this before. Sounds like it could be a new version. But, what ever, I love it even more than last time. This is SUPERB. Love the "odd" bass note at the end.

jip's avatar
jip said

You have such a warm and charming style - love yr harmonies. A lovely tune.