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Another Psychedelic Sea Shanty. This one follows a Fox Trot beat. I didn’t have a mic screen when I recorded the vocal tracks – my voice is piercing at moments. Hope you are nonetheless able to enjoy the mix-down. Pan flute by Starry Nightmoth.

(The Killing of) ADMIRAL SMITH

Sweepers, sweepers, man your brooms
Give the ship a good sweep down
Starboard and port, left to right
Forwards and aft and all around

Seventy days on the water
When we learned we’d be shellbacks soon
And regarding some waterspouts
Gazing on a shimmering moon
With dreams of pubs in the harbor
And the girls that we’d soon be with
When the lifer-dogs hit the fan
The killing of Admiral Smith

Poor, poor Admiral Smith
Poor, poor Admiral Smith
Poor, poor Admiral Smith
He’s not with

He wasn’t found in pajamas
Just a gram of coke and a fifth
Still no clue to the mystery
The killing of Admiral Smith
The cabin boy and the captain
Seem to have the same alibi
And they say it was “painless quick”
With no chance to say a “good-bye”

Lifers, lifers, man your man
Give the worm a good shake down
Search up inside, wide and deep
Forwards and back and all around

Guest said

This song is really intriguing. A who done it sort of tale. I love the line that Poor Old Admiral Smith....he's not with! Really make a person try to hear the lyrics that follow just to find out exactly what went down! Amazing how so much of a story forms by the end!

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Being a Smith myself I had to listen to this one and I'm pleased I went sailing with you....