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Going Home

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Greg Connor, Scott Zosel and I wrote this one today around my coffee table. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to do that, and it felt like “going home” a bit to us…

We wrote this in support of all those who are trying to find the feeling of home in this crazy world

Going Home

Verse 1
She was just a little girl
With her family right beside her
They left behind all they had
For a new life they would find there

Verse 2
They found their strength
Through hopes and dreams
And knew they’d find their way
They’re going home together
To make a better day

We’re all trying to find our home
It’s not the walls around us
That make us feel like we belong
It’s love that binds us

Come together
We’re going home
Come together
We’re going home

Verse 3
Steps along their twisted path
They found their home together
Left their troubles in the past
With kindness beyond measure

© 2017 Greg Connor, Colleen Dillon and Scott Zosel - All Rights Reserved

Bethan Mathis's avatar
Bethan Mathis said

We all need this Colleen. Love you guys and your coffee table.

keykrazy's avatar
keykrazy said

Thanks for posting this, Colleen. It is very relaxing and "centering". ^_^

doktordoktor's avatar
doktordoktor said

Lovely! Really well expressed and performed. Good job Colleen and the guys

Anton's avatar
Anton said

Very warm song, nice collab guys!

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Greg is quite right!! this is a keeper great job Colleen... and her backing band :-) sorry guys couldn't resist!!!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

A great afternoon of songwriting. This one is a real keeper!