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love with your head cause your heart will followw

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Thought i’d try a bit of country………
When i was a young boy my mama said to me
love with head not your heart see
cause your heart will lead you
to be a fool
if you find a girl with your head you’ll know she’ll stay for sure

those young days i spent getting high
i didn’t listen to my mama’s advice
i was lead by my heart
and each time i was made a fool
they took my love and all i was left with was hurt


well finally after many a year
it got so bad that i couldn’t bear
another broken heart my soul was begining to burn
all the women i met all they were filled with was hurt

well i decided to take my mamas advice
and i went out in the world to sort out my life
and this time i used my head instead of my heart
and i think i’ve found myself a love i think will last

no longer am i lost in love
i found myself someone to love
i married that girl and now my life is full
remember to love with your head cause your heart will follow