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Capo at 5 - playing in Am position

I got my standards.
Oh, yes, I do
Don’t allow no smoking
No tobacco chew
Don’t allow no boozin’
Don’t allow no grass
If I catch you hurting yourself again
I’ll leave your ass

Oh, yeah, you’re pretty
and yes, you’re smart
Oh, yeah you gotta hold of
A little piece of my heart
But I’ll stand tall
I won’t dribble the ball
If I catch you cutting yourself
That’s all

That’s what Ill tell her/Yes I will

I’ve got my standards
I keep ‘em high
It keeps me healthy
Keeps my powder dry
Won’t take me long
If you do me wrong
I’ll get my guitar out
and put you in a song
That’s what Ill tell her. Yes I will

I got my standards
Oh, Yes I do
Don’t allow…well, a little smokin’
Maybe a bit of chew
A little boozin’
Maybe a little grass
But If I catch you hurtin’ yourself again…

That’s what I’ll tell her….

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Guest said

Neil Young vibe , very cool song.

Vestigial Remorse's avatar
Vestigial Remorse said

Hilarious! awesome style!