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Not an overall bad recording, and I’m quite pleased with the lyrics of this Psychedelic Folk tune.


Should I take the left or should I pass it by zoom?
Lost my faith in maps, so how will I decide zoom?
Spirits crying to be satisfied zoo m zoom
Hikers sighing, looking for a ride z zoo z zooms

Want to turn around, that’s what I’d like to do zoom
Going on ahead is not what I would choose zoom
Spirits crying, “Nothing more to loose zoo m zoom!”
Hikers sighing, wearing out them shoes z zoo z zooms

Left or right or straight ahead
Just can’t park or turn around
Others pass me on both sides
All of us – future bound!
Zoom z zoom z zoom
Zoom zoo zoom

Now I’m heading where the sun will sit today zoom
Stepping on the gas, it wouldn’t do to wait zoom
Spirits crying, “Need to follow fate zoo m zoom!”
Hikers sighing, “Hope we won’t be late z zoo z zooms”

Light turns yellow, light turns red
Light turns green, we move ahead
Respect the light that’s flashing blue
The law may want to talk to you

Signal “CAUTION,” signal “STOP”
Signal, “This is Where to Shop”
Ignore the signs that advertise
The ones that glitter out their lies

Luop Garou's avatar
Luop Garou said

Thanks for your kind comments! I've been listening through your stuff, I'm amazed with how much material you have, you seem to pull riffs out of thin air! Good use of sound fx for storytelling :)

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Johnny Stone said

Great bass all round top track