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Perspective Manifested

Uploaded .

Wrote this St Georges day 2013 at 4am….
Recorded as and when…..

-Perspective manifested-

And so the world has changed…
for the better it seems…

Perspective Manifested baby….
And I Like what I see..
Back on track with those dreams…

I see a silver tide…
Holding Treasures from the sea
I rise above the storm until I find.
Sunshine on the other side…

And I Like what I see….
back on track with those dreams…

I see the line but no divide…
I see the son from every side…
I see the I in tIme
and I like what I see…

I see no chains before my eyes…
I see us win a thousand times….
Perspective Manifested Baby
And I like what I see

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thetworegs said

Smooth as it